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So you want to send in a guest post?

I love to provide viewers of this blog with original writing that is entertaining whilst being aware of different persons sensitivities e.g. not overly offensive!  A lot of our posts are generally about (hopefully) humourous stories about our lives, although on occasion we might talk about a particular topic that is of interest, often in the areas of construction or IT.  Please avoid bad language or adult topics.  There are many places on the Internet where posts including one or both of these will be readily accepted.

Before you submit:

  • Have a read of my blog.  Understand what I usually write about.  The majority of my posts are attempts at being humorous, along with some information perhaps about something that I've found interesting on the Internet.
  • Ensure that anything that you plan to submit hasn't already been covered.


Structure: Generally we publish shorter posts, between 200 and 600 words, but this is flexible if the post warrants a shorter/longer length. Make sure you check your spelling, punctuation, grammar etc! No errors please.  It's tough enough proofreading my own work without doing anyone elses.  But I do retain the right to correct grammar/spellings/make minor edits (e.g. remove swearing) from posts.  If I make any major edits I'll endeavour to run it by you before it goes live (but if there's some kind of deadline and I don't get a response from you I may go with it anyway)
Content: Please submit original work to us. You are welcome to publish elsewhere 60 days after it has been published on our blog, but if it is published elsewhere please state "Originally published on thoggy.blogspot.com".
Credit: Please provide a short biography, links to your websites, blogs and social media accounts so we can properly credit and promote you.  We don't (generally) do anonymous posts.  I don't take any responsibility for divulging your name/contact info.
Links: You are welcome to include hyperlinks within the context of your article that links back to your website or blog. But we can't allow affiliate links or links to sales pages for products or services.  If you're selling stuff - that's okay, but don't overdo it.  For example, if you work for a vacuum cleaner firm, and you write a post about why its important to vacuum your house, and you want to mention at the end the name of the company you work for and a link, that's fine.  It's not fine to do a advert extolling the benefits of the SpeediKlean 5000 Ninja.
We would love it if once your guest post is published if you could please share our blog page of your guest post via whatever social platforms you belong to.
Recompense: Nope, sorry.  As things stand this blog is made out of love, not out of any expectation that I can leave my job and do this full time.  As a result no payment will come to my guest bloggers either.

When submitting:

Tell us your full name, email address, biography, blog/website address and links to your social media accounts.
Your article: Please submit your article as a Word-compatible (eg .doc/.docx) document or in the body of your email to us.  If you wish to include images in your post, include them in your Word-compatible document.  Please ensure that emails are within 5mb in size.
Submit your guest post to mike.raven@gmail.com

We'll endeavour to get back to you within 10 business days to say if we're accepting your post.  Please don't take offense if we don't accept your post - it may be that we like it, but we don't feel it's suitable for us.  The Internet is a big place - you'll find your niche!



  1. mike!! have a word with yourself!!!

    1. what word should I have?

      "Beer", perhaps. That's a good word.

  2. Mike, I love your travelling book idea :) May I suggest however not to ask people to leave their personal information on the book!?! It is perfectly ok for me to read a note by Jane from Surrey, England or Emily from Sidney, Australia... you get the picture. Why would I need to know about their exact address???
    I would sign up immediately if you can work out these ground rules :-)

    1. Hi, and thanks for your comment. My apologies for I think that I've been unclear - I wouldn't expect people to include their postal address, but if they include their email address (which is entirely optional) then I can let them know when the book has completed its journey and is available on the Internet. I'll reword my posting to clarify.

      Thanks, Mike


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